Online Psychic Businesses

People are making money with these psychic centers online (the owners of course.) I have a friend that she lives with that and with her site .. she is not very well paid and often these companies are scam .. but for some people that are skilled and live in remotes places and have low revenues is an opportunity

I experienced two girls one in the States and one in London that could tell me what I was holding in my hands and this through the net .. and amazingly both made the same mistake about the color of the same stone

My psychic friend in Canada is quite skilled but not at the same extent of the two previous girls ..there is something quite valid .. bit as usual no scientific evidence that the situation will unfold as predicted or that will explain why will not unfold.. it is a very trecherous forecasting as the treads that are knitting the future pattern are still loose and still change positioning .. past cannot


Budgeting Process

We are looking for possible software at our organization to streamline the budgeting process. We already have an accounting system set up, but are looking for something that can help with the ease of inputing, and applying overheads based on budget estimates. We are using an AS400 based system, and would greatly appreciate if there was a way to do the budgeting in a user friendly environment, and then transfer the information over to the AS400. Some methods of budgeting and reporting for control purposes would also be useful, if anyone having any such information would gladly forward any papers or arcticle on such a subject. We are a public utility, so any utility input would be useful.

Unfortunately we haven’t seen a single sensible presentation from absoultely anyone that would really work for our needs. Any ideas how to get this thing done?